Our current vision for our church…

Imagine… Feeling loved, supported, and empowered to serve King Jesus with your whole self, right where you are, right now.

Imagine… One big gospel community (i.e. church) of around 300 people, spread over two Sunday services, and sharing life together in about twelve smaller, unique gospel communities (GCs).

Imagine… Summerleas becoming known as a place where people can discover love, care, and a living relationship with God for themselves.

Imagine… Sunday services bustling with visitors from our community, all engaged by what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Imagine… A steady stream of youth and young adults who are sure, steadfast, and have a passion for Jesus.

Imagine… A generous church making a significant financial, prayerful, and practical contribution to local and international ministries that reach our world for Jesus.

Can you picture it? We call it our “Vision 3,2,1”* and we’d love to have you join us as we strive, under God, to make it a reality!

*Note: The “3,2,1” comes from our vision for 300 members, 2 Sunday services, and (unstated above) 1 additional full-time pastoral staff member (to a total of 2 FTE, including the pastor).