Our current 3-5 year vision is to be a church…

of 300 people, meeting together in 2 Congregations each Sunday, with 1 extra full-time staff member (or equivalent). 3,2,1 see?

But of course, this vision is not just about numbers, it’s about people and ultimately God’s glory! Try to picture this….

IMAGINE.. Sunday services filled with visitors from our local community, all fascinated by what we’re doing and why we’re doing it!

IMAGINE.. If the people in your school community not only knew about S’leas but thought of it as a place where they could discover love, care and a living relationship with God!

IMAGINE.. A constant stream of 16-18 year olds all passionate about Jesus and emerging as vibrant ministry leaders!

IMAGINE.. A church of 12 GCs (apx. 300 members) filled with people who feel loved, supported and empowered to serve King Jesus!

IMAGINE.. A generous church that is making a significant financial contribution to local and international ministries to reach this world for Jesus!

Can you picture it? Well that’s what our Vision 3,2,1 is all about and we’d love to have you join us as we strive, under God, to make it a reality!