Gospel Communities are at the heart of what we do. Indeed, they are so central to the Summerleas way of life that it’s hard to be a member at Summerleas without also being a member of a Gospel Community.

Our Gospel Communities are small, diverse, intergenerational and gospel centered

Whilst community members do study the Bible together, our expectations for Gospel Communities go way beyond what we might expect from a normal ‘Bible study’ or ‘Growth group’. They provide the context for discipleship, service, mission, practical care, and are core to our youth and children’s ministry. Although our Gospel Communities do have regular weekly meetings, we see them as being much more than meetings. Gospel Communities are networks of relationships. This means that community members minister to one another in all of the reality, mess, joy and sorrow of everyday life.

Whilst life in Gospel Community can be challenging, we guarantee that it will stretch and grow you in ways you never thought possible!

For more details on the why and how of Gospel Communities, click here.