Join us for the Good Life Project

We all want the good life, but nailing it down is easier said than done. We live in a time poor, stressed out world, in which we have to prove ourselves constantly. Though we try to maintain some kind of control over our lives and circumstances, all too often they don't want to play ball. And even if we do get the stuff we want, we never seem to have enough time to enjoy it. To make matters worse, we never know when our time will be up and will happen when it is! Is this whole 'good life project' that we're all caught up in just a pipe dream?

The good news is that authentic Christianity has been providing the key to the good life for over 2000 years.  Over 4 sessions we want to share those answers with you!  We're sure you'll enjoy your time with us at the Good Life Project, so please join us over 4 Mondays  The important details are:

Where: Fika Kingston Beach Find on Google Maps Here
When: Dates 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th of May 2019 @ 7pm till 8:30pm
To register your interest, send a text to Jess on 0400 620 125 or email
Facebook: Summerleas is also on facebook, so let us know you're coming there.